Free Write - Procrastination

When I procrastinate, I typically do something that's very easy but takes a while to do. Like cleaning my room, or organizing files on my laptop, or downloading new music. Very easy things to do where I just zone mentally; no deep thinking. I also watch stuff when I procrastinate. Whether it's tv, or movies, or videos on youtube, all these also allow me to zone out and not actually use any mental abilities. The root cause of my procrastination is my level of interest in the project. If I find something to be boring or not really exciting or maybe even to difficult, I won't want to work on it right away. I would rather complete smaller, easier, or more fun tasks first to kind of prepare me start on the tasks I don't really want to do. The projects that I typically don't procrastinate on are things that involve helping other people. I update websites, manage social media accounts, and design t-shirts for organizations, I feel like I have a lot of people depending on me. When I feel that way I just want to make sure everyone else is taken care before I start doing stuff for myself. I think time is lost in procrastination. Time that could've been used for planning or organizing or tackling even a small chunk of the task. But also through the procrastination, I think creativity and options are gained as well. I might figure out more than one way to complete the task or get a new, better idea for the project.

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