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My ideal film school would be a lot of abstract stuff that probably wouldn't have anything to do with film in the beginning, and only towards the end would there be technical jargon about setting up shots and recording sound and making cuts.

I would want to focus on things that would inspire me. I don't like to be forced to be creative, I want to be inspired to be creative. I like to listen to music and get an idea for a video or take pictures of art, architecture, or even just life and be motivated to create a story from what I see. I like looking at the world around and letting it drive my creativity, not an assignment on Blackboard.

Remember that assignment 10 things I saw today? I'm actually trying to continue that process daily, or at least every other day. It doesn't really have anything to do with film, but it made me really think about what I see in my world and how I see it. Some of the pictures from the assignment actually inspired a concept or two for my next video projects.

I'm working on having my camera with me at all time. If I find myself in a creative, interesting space I want to be able to capture it. Maybe even edit it to try and relay how I felt in that moment. To pin point exactly what inspired me in the first place.

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