Film Analysis

Ten Meter Tower

I would say the supporting characters in the film are the people jumping off of the ten foot tower, but the main character is the ten foot tower itself because it's the main constant that other people are reacting to.

The film was shot in pool somewhere in Sweden. There wasn't a lot of B-roll, but I would say the slow motion shots of people jumping off the tower would count as B-roll in this film.

I think the director wanted you to take away the mental and emotional process that we as humans go through when faced with a big challenge, and deciding whether or not to back out or overcome.

The Nipple Artist

I think the main character in this film is Caitlin Kiernan because she's going to get nipples tattooed on her breasts.

The film was shot in Little Vinnies tattoo parlor in Finksburg, Maryland. There was B-roll of Caitlin's home, the car ride to Maryland, the exterior and interior of the tattoo shop, and the type of ink the tattoo artist used on Caitlin's breasts.

I think the director wanted you to take away that the story isn't what it seems! Or that you shouldn't judge a movie by its title. It took a pretty sexual topic (women's nipples) and gave it a bigger and more impactful meaning with the story of breast cancer.

No Ordinary Passenger

Stan Dibben was the main character of this film. It was about his accomplishment as a world champion motorbike racer.

I think the film was shot in Britain? There was B-roll of Stan's home and his trophies, there were photos of Stan from his younger years, there was old footage from motorbike racing from back in the 50s, and there was B-roll taken at the race track in Mallory Park.

I think the director wanted you to see a side of Stan that you wouldn't expect. Most people tend to think that older people are too weak and lose their passions, but story proves those assumptions wrong with Stan reflecting on his past and showing that he still got it.

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