Production Journal_Documentary pt. II

My documentary is about the struggles of fighting white supremacy as a full-time student. With the impending visit of Richard Spencer, many marginalized students are feeling like targets and that the university does not care about them or how they feel. Some students are stepping up to fight and show support to these students.

Opinions from classmates:

- Explore the different views/opinions on what different students are going to when Spencer comes and why they feel that way/choose that way

- Interesting to see how different students define activism for themselves; is there a "more right" way to handle the situation? Both both want the best for student well-being, but what way is the impactful?


- The struggle for UBSA to know what to do: why is it a struggle?


Who is Richard Spencer/What is he about?

What are specific struggles of being a student activist?

Who else is impacted? How do they feel?

What specific steps are being taken?


  • Have students explain who Spencer is. Don’t let him define himself, don’t let him use his words. This story is from the point of the view of the students, so we should let the students identify what they know about him.

  • 45 second segment

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